Top 3 Dance Outfits by Venus Dancewear for Professional Ballroom Dance Competitions

Top 3 Dance Outfits by Venus Dancewear for Professional Ballroom Dance Competitions

2022-07-13 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Attracting the judges in a dance competition is not only about performing outstanding dance choreography but also about an eye-catching costume. Designing dancewear takes time. Instead of doing it, you can go to a specific online store, such as Venus Dancewear. This online store has a variety of ready-to-use ballroom dance competition dresses. Check the various dancewear by Venus Dancewear below for your reference.

Ocean Blue Pleated Skirt Ballroom Dance Dress

This ballroom dance dress looks glamorous with Venus and Swarovski crystals. The designer uses high-quality Lycra, lace, and mesh for the upon. These materials are comfortable for dancers who have to move around the stage or ballroom.

This product also uses pleated Tencel material for the skirt. This material is easy to stretch to follow the shape of your body. It is an important consideration for professional dancers. The sew-on floats model makes this dress not only glamorous but also elegant to wear. The designer is ready to customize the size and send this dress within 5 to 15 business days.

Red Leopard Print with Black 3D Flora Dance Dress

Venus Dancewear also offers a simpler dress for ballroom dance competitions, such as a red leopard print with black 3D flora. Although it looks simpler, the designer keeps the glamour and elegant elements in this dress.

They also want to give characteristics to all of their dresses with the use of Venus and Swarovski crystals. The leopard and black 3D floral ornaments will amaze the judges. The designer uses three different materials for the upon, which are Lycra, Mesh, and Netting.

For the skirt, they use Tencel and Satin. Just like the Ocean Blue version, you can also customize the size. It ensures that you wear the most comfortable and fittest ballroom dancewear for maximum performance.

Baby Pink Pearl Silk Ballroom Dance Dress

Bank pink pearl silk dress is suitable for dancers who want to look feminine and elegant. This dress will make you like a queen who dances in front of the ballroom. All eyes, including the eyes of the judges, will focus on you. It is the time to show your best dance performance.

The designer still uses Venus and Swarovski crystals to boost the charming atmosphere. Then, they combine it with Lycra and Mesh for the upon materials whereas the skirt is made of pearl silk and satin. Consult the size and anything related to the design of the dress at Venus Dancewear to get the best ballroom dancing outfit like what you want.