Black Out! The Perfect Little Black Dresses

Black Out! The Perfect Little Black Dresses

2018-07-10 0 By WebEditor

There is no doubt that black is a powerful and strong shade to add to your wardrobe that is universally flattering. As Neiman Marcus said, “Women who wear black lead colorful lives.” The color black is always there for you, waiting patiently in your closet when you need a dressy or casual outfit, when you can’t decide what to wear, or when you just can’t bother to put the time or effort into creating an outfit. Whether it’s a fancy dinner gala, a laid-back college party, a date night, or something casual like going shopping with friends, it’s always okay to say yes to black! Here are a few ways to incorporate black dresses into your wardrobe for every occasion.


#1 The Classic, Little Black Dress:

Karl Lagerfeld said some brilliant words about everyone’s black dress, which are “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress” and I couldn’t agree more! Audrey Hepburn wore a stunning black dress that made her an icon- and you’ll feel equally chic in this classic neutral. The well known little black dress is the perfect option to choose when searching for something to wear to that date you are looking forward to, or to that party at your friend’s house. All you have to do is match it with the right accessories and the right makeup to dress it up or down to your preference or according to the occasion. I guarantee that a classic little black dress will not fail you. Here are some of the cutest little black dresses we’ve found online at half off right now! The only thing better than a little black dress is a little black dress on SALE!


#2 Perfect For Fancy Events:

For those of you that have a formal event such as prom or a black-tie event coming up, the first question that will probably come to your mind is “what should I wear?” Well, not to worry, because black will once again be there for you. Choose a long, flowy black dress with silver accents or embellishments, and you will have a glamorous dress ready for the event. Black is perfect for a cocktail party or charity gala as well!


#3 Everyone Loves A Little Lace:

I can’t deny it. I do love a little lace in my closet, especially when the dress is black. A lacy black dress is such a chic effortless style that oozes sophisticated style. You can choose a chic, fitted black lace dress that is flirty and fun for a cocktail party. Or pick a flowy A-line black lace dress for a more carefree style. Black look perfect year-round and a great black lace dress can be worn to so many events in any season! I recommend having a few classic black lace dresses on hand for those times when you just have no clue about the dress code or what you’re supposed to wear. Pair a black dress with black or nude heels for an event like a dinner party. You can also try pairing it with gold, red, pale pink, or other contrasting colors and accessories.

Since black is always there to save the day, you’ll want to have several black dresses! Where do you shop for black dresses? Let us know in the comments!