5 ways to dress casually whilst looking good

5 ways to dress casually whilst looking good

2018-08-25 0 By WebEditor

Do you want to dress well? Are you annoyed by advice to put on a suit or wear what’s trendy? If you want to look good in your clothes in a casual way, here are five tips on how to look better-dressed.

Dress Like a Grown-Up

Many start in the wrong place by aiming to look young. Instead, you need to look mature. You don’t have to dress like your father, but you want to avoid appearing to be a teenager.

Flashy items become unsuitable past a certain age. You should also steer clear of slogans.

Give Up the Graphic T-shirts

To stop looking like a youngster and one of the herd, abandon your graphic tees. They aren’t original, edgy or funny. Instead, go for one-colour, solid T-shirts, henleys or striped tees. You might also consider polo or casual shirts.

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Wear Jeans that Suit You

Everyone has a fall-back pair of jeans that they combine with a T-shirt. To make jeans look amazing, you need the right gear.

Stay away from baggy jeans that constantly need to be pulled up. They ought to stay up without a belt and should not gather around your ankles.

Avoid excessive distress, bleaching, rips and logos. A simple pair of well-fitting dark blue jeans will do the job. If you carry some weight, a straight fit will work best. These jeans can be dressed up and down.

Change it Up Down Below

Add variety to your wardrobe by buying a couple pairs of chinos.

Outfits normally put together with jeans are totally different with chinos. Just one pair in your arsenal can double the number of outfits you can put together.

A basic pair in grey or camel is a good start, or choose muted hues like army green or burgundy.

Meanwhile, GQ magazine has some good wardrobe item recommendations.

Invest in Smart Footwear

People notice shoes, especially women. Your grubby, beaten-up sneakers will have to go; they ruin the best outfits.

Something more dignified is appropriate. A pair of brown leather shoes brings instant elegance. If you wear trainers a lot, check out the comfortable desert boot. These look better than athletic shoes but aren’t dressy like some leather shoes, making them ideal for casual wear.