What Is The Best Doormat Material?

What Is The Best Doormat Material?

2022-05-23 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Doormats are a welcome invitation to enter businesses and serve an important purpose. By removing dirt, trash, and moisture from the floor, a doormat effectively prevents potential hazards from entering an office or home. 90% of dirt tracked into businesses is tracked in the shoes of customers. Doormats can reduce the labor required to clean a facility and also lower the chance of falling or slipping.

A nice doormat can be a great way to make your home look better. You don’t need to look at a doormat solely for its aesthetic appeal. Instead, search for one that is durable, will perform well and can help eliminate safety hazards.

Ultimate Mats offer a wide range of doormats. This means that we are well-versed in what makes a good mat and what doesn’t. Matting experts can help you determine the right doormat for your home or company. Three things will be covered: Why doormats are important, what materials should be used, correct mat usage, and the condition of the underlying flooring. We can reduce the chance of slip-and-fall accidents by ensuring that every doormat meets the new floor mat requirements.

What material is best for doormats?

Any manufacturer can make a doormat. This product is simple to make and uses a straightforward construction process. There are many factors to consider when creating a doormat that is both secure and attractive. High-traction backings, recessed water dams, beveled edges, and high-traction backings require a certain level of engineering expertise that you wouldn’t expect to find in doormats. Here are some guidelines on how to make your mat.

Rubber backings

Rubber is the industry standard in doormat backing. Rubber is more durable than any other flooring material. No matter if you use a recycled rubber-backed product or a Nitrile rubber, your doormat backing should contain only rubber components. Nitrile rubber is more resistant than other rubber types to oil and grease. The backing of a doormat is very important. It is important to consider the texture and cleating of the doormat. They will affect how well they grip your floor and resist skidding, even though it should be rubber.

Mat Surface

There are many materials you can use to make a doormat’s surface. However, nylon and polypropylene are the most popular for household and business matting. These materials are almost indestructible, so you can rely on them to last for a long time. Your mat’s surface is crucial as it will clean shoes without the need for the consumer to scrub or wipe their feet. The mat fibers should stick to the patrons’ shoes and do the cleaning and scraping. A moisture management system should also be included on the mat surface.

WaterHog mats have a unique water dam barrier that traps water below the mat’s surface fibers. This mat is an industry-standard. The mat’s pattern is another reason why the mat surface is so important. If you are making a custom logo mat, make sure the fibers are resistant to crushing. They will not only look worn over time but also will distort your logo or business name. This is not something you want to happen with doormats.