The Most Popular Massage Services You Can Try

The Most Popular Massage Services You Can Try

2021-02-08 0 By WebEditor

Massage is one of the recommended methods you can take to reduce stress. This method treats your skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A reputable massage center such as Soothe offers a variety of massage services, including Swedish, deep tissue, sport, and prenatal.

Swedish Massage  

People love to take Swedish massage because therapists treat all parts of your body. This massage is suitable for those who are taking massage for the first time. Busy people who are suffering from a lot of tension and sensitive to touch can also take this message to feel more comfortable. The function of this massage is to release muscle knots to make you relax. Swedish massage includes kneading, long strokes in the direction of the heart, vibration, deep circular motions, tapping, as well as passive joint movement techniques. The process takes about 60 up to 90 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage  

Deep tissue massage is perfect for those who are suffering from chronic muscle problems. The technique is deeper than Swedish. That’s why this massage is known as a deep tissue massage. Your therapist will start the process by using slow strokes, along with deep finger pressure. The goal is to release tension from the deepest layer of the muscles and connective tissues. You don’t need to worry because it is not painful. You will feel more comfortable after taking this massage for 60 up to 90 minutes.

Sports Massage   

Sports Massage is also one of the most popular massage services at Soothe. Like the name, this massage is perfect for people who love to do sports. They can go to the massage center and take sports massage to reduce pain because of muscle injury or muscle tension. You can ask for a full-body massage or a specific part of the body. The massage therapists often combine deep pressure massage and soothings strokes while doing sports massage. This massage also takes about 60 up to 90 minutes.

Prenatal Massage 

Prenatal massage is for women during their pregnancy period. Pregnant women often have a problem with body aches, stress, and muscle tension. This massage is similar to Swedish massage but with more mild pressure. The focus is the pressure around the lower back, hips, and legs. The prenatal massage is shorter than other massage services at Soothe. You only have to spend about 45 up to 60 minutes. You will be more comfortable and relax after taking the massage, and it is good to keep your pregnancy mood and hormones.

Chair Massage 

Sometimes, you are too busy, and it is hard to spend time taking the massage. Instead of taking Swedish or deep tissue massage, you can take chair massage. The massage only takes about 10 up to 30 minutes. Therapists will massage your neck, shoulders, and back. It is also a good option if you are taking a massage for the first time to release stress and make you relax. Chair massage becomes one of the most popular massage services in Soothe due to the short massage time.