The Best Flower of Seasons for Wedding Flowers

The Best Flower of Seasons for Wedding Flowers

2021-02-04 0 By WebEditor

The wedding flower is one of the essential elements in a wedding ceremony. It brings beauty and a unique atmosphere to the area where you hold the party. Now, if you are ready to call Flower delivery UK to order a wedding flower, maybe you should read our tips below. Here, we have information about how to choose the best wedding flower based on the season.


For the spring season, you can try to order these flowers:

–        Marigolds,

–        Carnations,

–        Lily of the Valley,

–        Queen Anne’s Lace,

–        Paphiopedilum Orchids,

–        Spray Carnations,

–        Forget-Me-Nots,

–        Genistas,

–        Oncidium Orchids,

–        Ranunculus

–        Peonies,

–        Agapanthus,

–        Waxflowers,

–        Sweet Williams,

–        Roses,

–        Moluccella,

–        Hydrangeas.

These flowers will give you a bright atmosphere. With proper design, it also creates warm nuance, which makes your wedding event special and personalized. Best of all, these flowers are compatible with each other. You can combine it to create a beautiful bouquet or decorations.


The hot summer won’t affect your wedding if you choose these flowers:

–        Marigolds,

–        Gloriosas,

–        Iris,

–        Arachnis,

–        Viburnum,

–        Sunflowers,

–        Muscari,

–        Delphiniums,

–        Aster,

–        Lily of the Valley,

–        Hyacinths,

–        Tulips,

–        Kangaroo Paws,

–        Gypsophila,

–        Nerine,

–        Strelitzias,

–        Cornflowers,

–        Roses,

–        Mint,

–        Prunus,

–        Godetia,

–        Hydrangeas,

–        Phlox,

–        Agapanthus,

–        Bouvardia.

Summer is the season of colors. The flowers available in summer have various colors you can choose for creating the flower decoration for your wedding. Furthermore, you won’t get a beautiful appearance from those flowers. Most of them also produce a good scent, which creates a good mood at your wedding.


Autumn gives you a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Here are some of the flowers we recommend for your wedding flowers choice.

–        Moluccella,

–        Gomphrena,

–        Solidaster,

–        Triteleia,

–        Veronica,

–        Lisianthus,

–        Amazon Lilies,

–        Gladiolus,

–        Freesias,

–        Helleborus,

–        Papaver,

–        Skimmia,

–        Tuberose,

–        Ornithogalum,

–        Calla Lily,

–        Amaryllis,

–        Aster,

–        Helenium,

–        Achillea,

–        Cattleya Orchids,

–        Eryngium,

–        Spiraea,

–        Vanda,

–        Cosmos.

The unique shape of the autumn flower will give your wedding a touch of art. Furthermore, the colors of these flowers are also different and stand out more than flowers from other seasons. It makes them the perfect choice for decorating the special place where you will hold the event.


The winter season comes with some flowers that you also can find in other seasons. Here are some of them:

–        Hyacinths,

–        Chrysanthemums,

–        Tulips,

–        Sunflowers,

–        Phalaenopsis Orchids,

–        Cymbidium Orchids,

–        Anemone,

–        Delphiniums,

–        Banksia,

–        Bottlebrush,

–        Calla Lilies,

–        Roses,

–        Lilac,

–        Lisianthus,

–        Protea,

–        Narcissus,

–        Poinsettias,

–        Hellebores,

–        Winter Camellias,

–        Muscari,

–        Aranthera,

–        Acacia.

Now, you know the best choice for wedding flowers based on the season. Contact the Flower delivery UK that you can trust, and get the flowers for your wedding.