Simple Questions to Answer at Free Psychic Reading App

Simple Questions to Answer at Free Psychic Reading App

2021-02-08 0 By WebEditor

You have to know yourself better. The more you understand yourself, the better your life. Then, you can boost your positive energy for maximal achievement. It doesn’t matter if you feel don’t know yourself yet. A free psychic reading app by Energy Artist Julia helps you to get the answer. Here is the overview of the questions you have to answer.

Favorite Place 

The first question you have to answer is your favorite place that makes you feel at ease. It is a multiple-choice question so you have to pick one of the answers available there. In this question, the app gives four alternatives, which are forest, ocean, meadow, and sky. There is no wrong or false answer in this procedure. Choose the option based on what you think without any pressure

Favorite Number 

The next question is getting easier. You only have to choose your favorite number. This free psychic reading app gives you a lot of options this time. How about if you can’t find your favorite number on the option? At least, you can pick a number that you feel most friendly based on your feeling right now.

Favorite Element 

There are four elements, which are the earth, air, fire, and water. The third question you have to answer is about this element. The app asks about an element that represents you when things are wrong. Once again, there is no true or false answer. The system uses your answer to analyze your characters based on the psychic reading methods.

Favorite Color 

You don’t need to think too long only to answer this question. It is only about your favorite color. The app gives you several options like when it asks about your favorite number. You can pick one of the colors that represent your feeling if you can’t find your favorite color there.


The next question is a little bit deep in which the app asks about your negative feeling. The options are confusing, numb, blocked, hopeless, trapped, poor, and many others. You can choose none of these if all the options don’t represent your most common negative feeling. Then, the app gives you a question about your most common negative feeling in the past. You can choose a specific option, such as alone, useless, apprehensive, incomplete, misunderstood, and many others. There is also none of these if the options don’t represent your feelings in the past. This is also the last question you have to answer before getting the answer.

The Way to Get the Answer 

You have to submit your email to get the answer of your characters, spiritual fortune, and even a message spirit may be trying to send you right now. You can also increase your psychic abilities by choosing the right energy stones, images, and talismans. This free psychic reading app also provides you with a variety of items that can boost your energy, including energy jewelry, energy art, and energy properties. The energy items are including energy pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and many more.