Know the different kinds of leather wallets

Know the different kinds of leather wallets

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A man needs wallet more than any other accessories. However, most of the people think it only as a leather folder to keeping all the money and cards safe at one place. Having a wallet not only simplified a man’s life but, it also adds a style statement to them. Just like your accessories is a depiction of your personality for someone, your wallet holds the same significance for you. Undoubtedly due to these factors, men get choosy while buying a wallet. The wallet you pick should do justice to your requirement and temperament.

Choosing the right wallet

The wallet market everywhere is spanning at a high pace. Some years back men have only a fewer option from where they have to select the best suited. However, things are not like it used to be in those days. If someone heads to their nearby market or search wallets on the online store, they get thousands of options to choose. From unique color-coded to perfectly designed, one cannot make up their mind as to which one they should buy. So, purchasing a wallet is not a piece of a cake.

Moreover, leather wallets have a million fans. They are taking the wallet fashion to a whole new level. Men just love to buy such wallets due to multiple reasons. One of the prominent features is their durability. People who ever possess such wallets knew that a leather wallet is going to stay with them for many years. Technically speaking, you can use your leather wallet straight up to ten years.

Different types of leather wallet

Besides the fabric, color and price range the wallet designs are another factor that makes a difference. Wallet designs are mostly sum up in two types. The two popular categories in wallet designs are bi-fold and trifold. Let’s take note of the main differences between both of these wallet design.

Bifold wallets as the name indicate folded exactly from the middle. On examining its look, this type of wallets consists of two long sections and four small sections. The long pockets meant for keeping the cash while the small pockets are for the cards and coins. These are the most conventionally one and usually owned by many men. The trifold on the other hand, get folded two times from either side. This wallet type has only one long section for keeping the cash. The other difference between them other than how many time they fold is their outlook once they folded. The trifold looks compact but bulky. Unlike this, the leather bifold wallets look slim but little elongated.

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