5 Ways to Decide the Best Branded Perfumes for First Time Users

5 Ways to Decide the Best Branded Perfumes for First Time Users

2022-03-19 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Choosing the right perfume can be daunting, especially if there are a lot of perfumes in front of you. Sometimes, you only get the information from bottle designs and packages. It can’t help you, especially if you are about to find a new perfume. Check the tips to choose the best perfume below. Then, you can look at a variety of branded perfumes in online perfume stores.

Think about Fragrant You Enjoy 

Think about the fragrant you enjoy in your life when you are new to fragrances. You can correlate it with your favorite shampoo, soap, body lotion, detergent, and even cigarettes. Then, find some fragrant products that have similar notes to the products you love. Check the detail of the other products, especially the fragrant the manufacturers use. Check the specification of the perfume when you buy it online. Ensure that it has the same fragrance as your favorite products. It helps you a lot, especially if the stores don’t provide a sample.

Try and Smell It 

There are no other effective ways to get the best-branded perfumes except trying and smelling them. Ensure that you spray the product on a pulse point, such as the wrist and elbow. It is the part of your body that is naturally warm. The temperature of your body will heat the fragrant and release the original smell. Most perfumes release their original smell within 15 to 30 minutes after spraying it on the body. Because of that, some perfume stores are ready with a sample you can try. Use this opportunity to practice this trick and get your best result.

Think about Your Favorite Color 

It seems that there is no relationship between color and scent, but experts explain that there is a correlation between them. The color of the perfume bottle or package often also describes the scent of the product. For example, you can choose a branded perfume with sweet scents if you love pink. On the other hand, those who love a deep brown hue can choose fragrant products with tobacco notes.

Consider Your Age 

Your age can also determine the way you choose products, including fragrant products. If you are 17 to 30 years old, you often choose perfumes with sweet, vanilla, and floral fragrances. The more mature you are, the more sophisticated and deeper the fragrances you love. It can be a mixture of several floral scents.

See How People React 

Try to apply the perfume and see how your family or best friend reacts. You would better not tell them that you are using a new perfume. Wait for their natural reaction. Some of them may comment on your scent. They can also like the fragrance of your new perfume. You can choose it as your new perfume if your surroundings love it. Indeed, you also have to love the smell first.

Choosing a new perfume takes time but it is a fun experience. Smelling more scents helps to get the best perfumes to use. It can be one of your favorite products.