3 Tips to Choose Mortar and Pestle

3 Tips to Choose Mortar and Pestle

2021-02-06 0 By WebEditor

Even though you use high-tech tools in your kitchen, you can’t replace the Mortar and pestle. It looks like an ancient tool for processing ingredients. However, mortar and pestle is the only tool that can extract the natural aroma and oil from ingredients. They also can break the fibers and composition of ingredients without affecting their taste. So, if you don’t have this amazing tool, you should buy one. Here, we have the guide to find the best mortar and pestle for your cooking.

Choosing the Right Size

Size is the first thing you need to consider when choosing mortar and pestle. You must choose the size that can contain all ingredients that you want to process. It means it should be big enough for that. You don’t want to make the ingredients splash everywhere when you pound it with a pestle, right? So, choose the right size.

However, the size of this product will also affect its weight. Most of the mortar and pestle product is made of marble, stone, or wood. Therefore, the too big mortar will only add more weight. It will be difficult to move around, especially if you use it a lot. Choose the size that contains the ingredient but also easy enough to move.

Get the One with Comfortable-to-Use Shape

Some mortar has a flat bottom of its bowl. You can’t choose that because it reduces the efficiency of the ingredient grinding process. Choose the bowl with a round bottom, so it fits with the pestle shape. This shape also helps you to grind the ingredients thoroughly.

In the store, you also can find a mortar with a handle. The handle allows you to hold the mortar during the grinding process so it won’t move around. Moreover, the handle also allows you to lift it easily. In conclusion, this shape is the best choice you can pick.

Find the Best Material

As we mentioned earlier, mostly, the maker creates mortar and pestle using stone, wood, and even metal. Among them, which one is the best material? Wood, metal, or even silicone with rubber bottom are the most innovative and recent designs of mortar. They said that this mortar will give you many benefits, such as lightweight and high durability.

However, we recommend you the standard material, stone or marble. This material is a bit heavier than the other materials. Even though it is heavy, it lasts much longer because it is stone. Moreover, its hardiness and weight help you to grind, crush, and mix ingredients better than other materials. Plus, it looks beautiful in your kitchen.

The Conclusion

Choosing the best quality mortar and pestle is, actually, not that difficult to do. Follow our three tips above to get the product with the best specification that meets your needs. Furthermore, nowadays, you can find mortar and pestle with many designs, colors, and patterns. It means you also get a decoration for your kitchen. So, get the Mortar and pestle that you want now!