12 Stones You Can Choose for Your Birthstone Engagement Rings

12 Stones You Can Choose for Your Birthstone Engagement Rings

2021-02-04 0 By WebEditor

Diamond is the popular choice for an engagement ring. However, if you want something different, you can try the Birthstone rings. The birthstone has the beauty that you won’t find on other stones. Here, we have a list of the birthstones you can get for the engagement ring based on the month when you want to do that.

January – Garnet

You have various options here. But, the best and most beautiful garnet stone is dark red. It has a similar color as pomegranate. The natural beauty of this stone is a perfect choice for engagement rings.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst came from the Greek word, “Amethustos”. This word has a meaning of not being intoxicated. So, if you want to have a pure and spiritually clean birthstone ring, choose this stone for this month.

March – Aquamarine

If you plan to propose or even marry in March, choose the Aquamarine. It helps you to strengthen the relationship. That would be a great step to start your marriage life.

April – Diamond

Even though we said you can choose other stones than diamonds, this stone is the perfect choice for an April wedding. Choose the traditional birthstone ring with this stone to get the style and art.

May – Emerald

Emerald is more valuable than a diamond. The rich green color will look great on your loved one’s finger. As the stone that was worshipped in the past, it is a perfect choice for someone special.

June – Alexandrite, and Pearl

June gives you two options, pearl or alexandrite. Pearl will create simple natural looks for the engagement ring. As for alexandrite, its color-changing properly is one of the unique stones for your ring.

July – Ruby

As one of the hardest stones on Earth, Ruby represents strength and durability. Choosing this stone as your engagement ring will bring you a stronger start to live with someone that you love.

August – Peridot

August engagement events wouldn’t be completed without Peridot as the stone that decorates your rings. Its beautiful olive-green color gives it a beautiful appearance. It also symbolizes strength, which is a good sign for your engagement.

September – Sapphire

White sapphire will give you a similar shine to a diamond. But, if you want more, sapphire is also available in yellow, green, vivid blue, orange, and many other colors. Some of them even have two colors mixed in one stone. So, choose the stone that you like.

October – Opal

Opal looks like a pearl, but with a gentler color. Its shine gives you a peaceful and calm appearance. You can use it to give you and your partner a comfortable mood to start your day.

November – Topaz

Topaz is the symbol of love and affection. The various colors also are another reason to choose this stone for your birthstone ring.

December – Zircon

If you can’t still forget the diamond, get the colorless zircon. This stone looks more beautiful and purer than diamond. Put it on your engagement ring to make it special. And, that’s all the stone options for your Birthstone rings. Choose one that matches your engagement month.