10 Money-Saving Shopping Hacks All Expert Target Shoppers Know

10 Money-Saving Shopping Hacks All Expert Target Shoppers Know

2021-03-16 0 By WebEditor

How often do you hear people speaking about all the great deals Target offers? Unfortunately, Target isn’t a commonly known store that provides discounts or fairly priced products. This is simply untrue, however.

Target is a wonderful place to find everything you need all while racking in some huge savings. The trick to it is knowing how to shop at Target. Once you know how to shop at Target the right way, you can then learn how to save money at Target.

Realizing you can save money shopping at Target is something you’ll want to share with everyone! Or, you may just decide to keep this secret to yourself.

Are you ready to shop at one of your favorite stores without having to worry about emptying your pockets? Say goodbye to other discount stores and say hello to your local Target! Here’s everything you need to know about ways to save money at Target!

  1. Take Advantage of Their Gift Card System

Target has an awesome gift card system in place. If you take the time to walk down a few aisles, you’ll quickly find red stickers under specific items that offer a free Target gift card with purchase. These gift cards normally require you to spend a specific amount of money on certain products or purchase a specific number of certain products.

For example, in the laundry detergent aisle, you may find a free $10 gift card when you buy three laundry products. This system is great because if you head to the store and need a variety of household goods, then you most likely were already planning on spending money on those products.

When you check out at the register, you’ll be presented with the gift card.

  1. Mix Store Coupons With Manufacturer Ones

Target offers store coupons and manufacturer coupons both on the Target app. Although you may not be able to double store coupons or double manufacturer coupons, you may be able to mix a store coupon with a manufacturer one and get double the savings!

Be sure to check the Target ads before shopping as well. Aside from the app, you can find more Target coupons on couponing websites, which will show you how to find good deals using coupons and a deal finder tool.

  1. Always Scan Products on the Target App

If you don’t already have the Target app installed on your phone, then do so right now. You won’t regret it. Target’s app offers a scanning feature, which you’ll then use to scan any products in the store. With one simple scan, you can find out all the information you need to know about the product and any deals associated with it.

Many times, the app will offer you a discount of some sort, so it’s worth scanning everything. You can also lookup products in the search bar using a keyword. You’ll then be given a list of products matching that keyword and will be shown what’s given a discount.

When checking out, scan the barcode in the app to receive your savings!

  1. Choose Free Curbside Pickup Over Shipping

Sometimes, not having to go into the store is the better option. When you don’t have time or simply don’t want to shop in-store, consider making your purchases online using the Target app and choosing curbside pickup. With curbside pickup, you drive to the store and an employee will bring your items out to you.

You save on shipping this way and never have to leave your car.

  1. Fill Your Prescriptions at the CVS Target Pharmacy

Target offers CVS pharmacies inside their stores. Why select these CVS locations as your pharmacy? When you fill prescriptions here, Target keeps track of the total. Once you fill 10 prescriptions, you’ll be given a free Target gift card to use in the store!

This happens every 10th prescription, and you don’t have to do anything extra to get it.

  1. Bring in Your Reusable Bags

Did you know that Target will give you five cents off your purchase for each reusable bag you bring in. That’s right! Target wants to make an impact on planet earth and offers this discount to you for helping keep the planet healthy.

Although five cents might not seem like a lot, every penny adds up and over time, you’ll start seeing the difference.

  1. Sign Up for Their Target REDCard

No one wants to have to sign up for a store credit card with high-interest rates just to receive a small discount on purchases. Here’s where Target stands above the rest. Their Target REDCard allows you to choose debit or credit.

You can simply connect your debit card and receive store discounts each time you use your debit card. You also have the option to open a credit card with them, but your own debit card will do just fine!

  1. Make Online Purchases Through the App

The Target app offers so much more than you’d expect. When you make online purchases using the Target app, your points will start adding up. For each purchase you make, you’ll begin collecting a small cash-back reward.

Once these rewards add up, you can then use them for future purchases. When you checkout on the app, you might find that you have a few dollars in rewards to use towards your purchase! Be sure to scan the app each time you make a purchase at the store as well.

Some in-store items will qualify also.

  1. Visit the Aisle End Caps

As you walk through Target’s aisles, you’ll notice just about every end cap has a clearance section. Checking these end caps for great savings is exciting and fun! As you browse through the store, be sure to check each end cap.

You never know what you’ll find at an amazing discount! Keep in mind Target has a specific markdown schedule. Shop on clearance days to save even more.

  1. Purchase Target-Brand Items

Although you can find a variety of products marked down by using the Target app, a great way to ensure you find a discount just about every time is to purchase Target-brand items. For example, if you want to buy ground beef but the brand you grab isn’t discounted on the app, try scanning Target’s brand of ground beef.

More than likely it’ll be discounted on the app. This is true for many other products as well. Scan the brand you select first because big-name brands are also discounted on the app, but try Target’s brand if not.

Shop Smart by Knowing How to Save Money at Target

When you know how to save money at Target, you can shop smart. Use the helpful information listed above to start you down the path to huge Target savings!

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