Top Style Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Day

2017-10-05 0 By WebEditor

The wedding day is considered as the most special day of anyone’s life. You can’t afford any miss and match in your dress, shoes and other accessories. Your beautiful wedding dress is the star of the day, but the combination of correct accessories can add charm to your entire look and evaluate your charming personality. There are multiple designs in shoes, jewelry, veils and other accessories which results in tough selection. Before, you visit the market to buy anything for your special day read our guide to know about the top style rules for accessorizing your wedding day.

Match Your Jewelry:

Selecting a piece of jewelry that flawlessly matches with the dress is a difficult task. You may not realize, but some jewelry pieces look better with certain dress colors. Golden jewelry suits best with Ivory color. If you choose a heavier dress, then go for delicate accessories and if your dress is embellished with silver beading then pick your desired accessories in a silver base.

Don’t Wear Additional Accessories:

You should remember the rule of simplicity throughout your shopping. You don’t need to purchase a veil, tiara, heavy bracelet if your dress is already embroidered with the premium designs and shining beats. The less you will wear the more beautiful look you will get. Avoid the similar designs of jewelry items to avail a different look. You can purchase delicate jewelry items from at cheapest rates.

Decide the Ideal Veil to look Stunning:

The veil is the most iconic thing a bride wears to enhance the look of their fabulous dress. While shopping for veils, you must know what type of design and style you want. If your dress is beautified with heavier stones and beats then select a simple veil that won’t steal the spotlight. To add a glow, your veil should exactly match the color of your gown.