What is the best way to clean woodland shoes?

What is the best way to clean woodland shoes?

2018-03-05 0 By WebEditor

Shoe’s are one of our best friends. They help in a lot of things like walking confidently, comfortable, and safely through a road or rocky terrain. It protects our feet from cold, rocks, and debris. Just think that if your shoe betrays you in between a road, how awkward that will be. It will be a real heartbreak situation. So make sure you are carrying the best durable shoes, which is Woodland. Now if you have a woodland shoe then you are sure that you are in good hands. But there are other problems too. Only buying a good boot or shoe does not do all for you as you have to take proper care of the shoe too to keep your feet perfectly safe.

Cleaning a shoe can be very difficult at times but by that, you can increase the life of your shoe. Regular cleaning is good but try to clean them at once when they got soil, dirt, or stains over them. If you are wearing the suade shoes, you need to care more as they need special care.

There are some equipment which you need to find before starting to clean your shoe.

  • Shoe Brush
  • Soft Cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Commercial shoe cleaner or saddle soap
  • Newspaper
  • Shoe Polish
  • Art Gum Eraser ( Only for Suade shoes )

Now the process of cleaning the shoe is as follows-

  • First of all, use the brush or soft cloth to brush off the debris and dirt. Try to do this regularly while you wear the shoe because it will be helpful at the time of polishing the shoe.
  • Remove the shoe laces if you want to prevent them from polish and water. If the laces are dirty too, consider washing them in a washing machine with your other laundry.
  • Use saddle soap and water on a soft cloth to rub away the cuffs. Try not to make the leather very wet. Try to complete the process with less water and soap. A commercial shoe cleaner can be used here which you can easily get in some retail store or the stores where leather handbags and purses are sold. Don’t put the shoe to dry in sun, instead use a shed to dry it.
  • If there are salt stains, mix water and vinegar equally to create a mixture. Now spread the solution with a soft cloth over the parts where there is salt strain and keep applying it until the salt stain is gone.
  • Polishing the shoe once a month is essential to keep it in perfect shape. Don’t use a polish before testing it as it could discolor the shoe. A clean and soft cloth must be used to apply the polish in circular motion. After that change the cloth to another soft cloth and remove the polish in the same motion.
  • After drying, buff your shoes with soft cloth. If you put a few drops of water before buffing, it will make your shoes shine.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep your shoes soft.
  • Nubuck shoes and suade shoes need special care. The regular leather products can harm these shoes. For cleaning spots on them, use Art Gum Eraser. After removing the spot, brush the shoe.
  • Deodorize and clean the inside of the shoe. Baking soda or salt can be used for this purpose. Take ¼ cup powder put it in the shoe and shake well. Keep it overnight and it will absorb dirt, oil, odors, and moisture. Then use a vacuum hose to completely remove the powder.