5 Types Grade of Replica Shoes

5 Types Grade of Replica Shoes

2022-03-16 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Replica shoes are the best alternative for you who don’t have enough budget to buy authentic shoe products. Fortunately, you can find many stores that specialize in selling this type of shoes. So, you won’t have any problem when you want to buy a pair of them. For you who are trying to buy the replica shoes for the first time, you may find the quality level of the shoes. Here, we are going to help you understand each of the replica’s qualities. Let’s start!

Grade AAA

Even though it sounds high grade, the truth is Grade AAA is the lowest grade tier in the replica world. The product with this grade uses the cheapest material. The design also only “looks like”, and doesn’t care about its comfort. Moreover, it also has low durability. It won’t last a month after you wear it. You may have to buy a new one sooner than you expected.

Super Perfect (SP)

It is another low-tier grade replica shoe. However, it has better quality than Grade AAA. Or, we can say, compared to Grade AAA, it has lesser flaws. Even though we say it is better than the lowest grade, it is still a low grade. Therefore, it doesn’t feel that comfortable when you wear it. As for durability, it can last around 1-3 months after you wear it.

Super Max Perfect (SMP)

SMP is the mid-tier of the replica shoes. It has much better quality and comfort, also lesser flaws than the previous two-tier grades. Depending on how you wear it, the replica shoes with SMP grade can last 6-12 months. Moreover, the price of SMP grade replica shoes is much cheaper than the original product. So, this grade is the best choice for you who want to save more money for a product with satisfying quality.

Unauthorized Authentic (UA)

This grade is high-tier replica shoes. It uses the same materials as the original product. Therefore, it is called the unauthorized authentic grade. This product is an unauthorized version of the authentic product. Even though it uses the same material and has a quality that is very close to the original shoes, it still has several flaws. As for the prices, it is cheaper than the original product but much higher than the first three grades.


It is the same product as the unauthorized authentic grade. However, it has no major flaws. It comes with several small flaws, which is necessary to avoid the lawsuit from the company that made the original product. The price is the most expensive. You can buy it if you want to feel the same feeling as wearing authentic shoes in the same model.


Choose the grade that you like. Match it with your budget and your preference or what you need for comfort and convenience. Each of those grades has advantages, so you can get what you need from them. Now, you only need to find the store that provides the Replica shoes with the grade you like.