What jewelry to buy at your wedding?

What jewelry to buy at your wedding?

2018-09-09 0 By WebEditor

One of the most difficult things for the bride is to choose the jewelry and accessories she will wear on the day of the wedding. Do not miss these tips that will help you make the best decision.
When we talk about fashion for brides, there are many things that we must take into account. Of course, we must talk about the dress, the shoes and the hairstyle, but one of the elements that will be more important, is the smallest and apparently insignificant of all: Jewelry. The jewelry must be selected carefully, since they are a double-edged sword. Just as they can do the outfit, they can also destroy it.

Here are some tips so you know how to buy Diamond solitaire rings online India correctly, without losing your style, and look spectacular.

1. Bet only for quality pieces

There are many details to consider, but one of the most important aspects, without a doubt, is the quality of the piece and the materials with which it has been made. A jewel of fantasy or whose materials are of low quality, can ruin your dress and compromise your complete image. Buy your jewelry directly from the designer, or buy it in establishments to avoid surprises.

2. First choose the dress, the hairstyle and the accessories for the hair, as well as the veil

The reason is simple: the jewels should be the final accent that brings that detail of sophistication and elegance to your look. Its function is to complement, highlight or accentuate the other elements of the dress.

3. Take into account the color of your dress

The color of your dress is one of the main aspects of the overall look. You must mix this one with jewelry and accessories, creating a beautiful combination. Generally speaking, silver colors are perfect if your dress is white, and gold looks better if your dress is an ivory or champagne color. But if what you want is to set trends, do not miss the opportunity to combine the colors of the jewels with the color of your bouquet or your shoes.

4. Balance the set

One of the main mistakes that brides make when choosing jewelry for the wedding is to overload the look. Remember that sometimes less is more. The best way to create a balanced style is to keep your accessories simple and elegant, trying to be complementary to your dress, in terms of the texture of its fabric, complexity of its design or number of ornaments.

If your dress bears a lot of jewels or is overloaded, it is best to choose simpler jewelry (some tiny pearl earrings, for example). If you use a simple dress, bet on accessories a little more striking and striking (some chandelier style earrings, or a forearm bracelet with modern design).

5. Collar, yes or no?

The importance of the neckline to know if you can wear or not collar should look at the neckline that your dress. If your neckline is much accentuated it is best to choose a necklace with a medium jewel to complement it. If your dress does not have a neckline, do not use a collar, as it would not be noticed. If your dress has an asymmetrical neck or a single sleeve, you should also forget about the necklace.

The neckline is already the center of attention, so a jewel in that area would end up saturating your image. Use a blouse with the type of neckline of your wedding dress when you go to try on the jewelry. This will allow you to have a better idea of ​​the complete look.