10 tips for buying cheap gold jewelry

10 tips for buying cheap gold jewelry

2018-10-17 0 By WebEditor

Do you want to find pretty gold jewelry?

You love beautiful jewelery and especially beautiful jewelry, but your budget does not grow at the same rate as the exorbitant prices of jewelry? Never mind, there are some tricks to be on the page in jewelry and you do not have to break your piggy bank to have cheap gold jewelry. Also, I suggest 10 tips for finding cheap gold jewelry.

  1. Visit the big box stores

Go to big box stores like Wal-Mart, Sears or The Bay. There are very often jewelery counters that will allow you to do good business. However, the choice of jewelry is not very big and do not expect exclusive creations, but know that you can find an engagement ring for about fifty dollars or gold earrings studs at cheap rates.

  1. Monitor balances

Run the balances. Special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are often good opportunities to do a good business in the jewelery department, as prices are sometimes reduced from twenty-five to thirty percent, whether they are specialized jewelers.

  1. The madness of Boxing Day

Take a break at boxing day. An excursion to the jewelry department could save you 60 to 75% and you will probably make many happy by offering jewelry to your family members as well as to yourself such as gold studs.

  1. Online jewelers

Shop online. Some online jewelers offer great discounts on gold jewelry, whether it’s yellow gold jewelry, white gold or rose gold. As such, I suggest you visit the Bijoux Bijoux website, a reliable retailer who delivers to Canada and whose user comments are quite positive for diamonds stud earrings.

  1. Jewelry on Ebay

Go on a ride on Ebay, the auction principle is very interesting and you will make good deals on exclusive gold jewelry.

  1. The classifieds sites

If you do not mind the idea of ​​wearing used gold jewelry, why not visit the pacs or the Kijiji classifieds site. Sometimes individuals sell gold jewelry in very good condition at ridiculous prices.

  1. Shop at Pawnbrokers

In addition, with regard to used gold jewelry, you can also do good business on the side of specialized pawn shops since sometimes it happens that people can not repay their loan and that the jewels left in guarantee are sold at low prices.

  1. Flea markets or warehouses

Another way to buy cheap gold jewelry is to buy jewelry at flea markets such as Bromont or St-Eustache. You will find brand new gold jewelry at prices defying any competition. Also check for Cosco or other warehouses.

  1. Read the newspapers

If you’re an assiduous newspaper reader, check out the latest pages, sometimes auctioning and bankruptcy, and you can find gold jewelry at reasonable prices.

  1. Be alert to public notices

Finally, check the public notices of newspapers since there are a few times a year in the greater Montreal area, new and used jewelry auctions. These auctions, supervised by the RCMP, offer jewelery from unclaimed stolen goods or seizures made during police operations. You can do good business there.