Where to Watch Documentary Movies

Where to Watch Documentary Movies

2018-05-11 0 By WebEditor

A documentary is wide term to describe a non-fictional film that in some way captures or ‘’documents’’ reality without any imaginative story-telling or staging. Documentaries are frequently used to reveal an interesting, unknown or unusual angle. The filmmakers of documentary movies are often motivated to make their movies simply because they feel a particular story or a viewpoint is not being sufficiently covered by mainstream media.

The topics are limited only by one’s imagination, and there is a large palette of documentary movies you can find out there, depending on what do you enjoy watching; the documentaries can be touching, funny, ironic, disturbing, absurd, amusing, inspirational, shocking, or any kind of possible combination. And while they vary in the ‘sub-genre’, they do have one thing in common; the very thing that qualifies them to be situated in the documentary department: this genre of filmmaking uses video and film scenes, photographs and/or sounds of real people and real events, and when everything gets edited together, a certain story, message, viewpoint or experience is created.

The most documentaries these last years, have been seen on television channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and other channels with similar programs. Here we can find a great number of educational documentaries about life on earth, animals, stars and planets, religion and evolution, even disasters, terrors and struggles are explained with shows like Air Crash Investigation, Banged Up Abroad, and The World at War. And let’s not forget about all the documentaries about holocaust, which are not only educational, but can also be extremely shocking, not to mention sad: Night and Fog, Three Days in Auschwitz, Anne Frank Remembered, and the haunting A Film Unfinished.

On a more cheerful note, comical documentaries can be something anybody can enjoy: The Aristocrats, American: The Bill Hicks Story, Religulous, and Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project may just be perfect for a relaxed night in.

But if you enjoy a great documentary movie that is not only engaging, but sort of sticks with you, you simply have to see The Act of Killing, Grizzly Man, The Fog of War, Bowling for Columbine, Zeitgeist: The Movie, and Fahrenheit 9/11; all of these are amazing documentaries and you will not be sorry for sparing a few moments to see them.

Watching a good documentary can be considered as a somehow educational hour, and the best part is, you do not have to go far to find a great movie. Join us at the free-to-watch website fusionmovies.to, and enjoy a documentary of your choosing.