The stone linked to your birth

The stone linked to your birth

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Birthstones are nothing new and are thought to have healing powers which are thought to increase if you wear them during the month they are linked to. There is a stone specific for each month and it is thought you can harness the powers of each of these stones if you have all twelve and wear them in some capacity throughout the year.

Many people incorporate their birthstones into jewellery items like necklaces and rings. Diamond rings that incorporate a loved one’s birthstone are a beautiful gift for an anniversary or special birthday or even perhaps for an engagement ring. If you are looking for something special, why not take a look at

In case you are wondering what, they are, here is a list of the stones linked to each month of the year and the myth surrounding their protective and healing qualities:

  • January – Garnet. This stone is thought to help prevent bloodshed between enemies and not surprisingly considering the beautiful red colour of the stone it is thought to help prevent bleeding and protect the wearer from illnesses related to the blood system.
  • February – Amethyst. This purple stone is linked to the star sign Pisces and Da Vinci said that the stone could “dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence.”
  • March – Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue stone that unsurprisingly is linked to the sea and water. Sailors thought that the stone could help protect them from any dangers that they may come across whilst on their sea journeys. Water that has the stone submerged in it is thought to have properties that can reverse poisoning and can also aid with the recovery of illnesses linked to the mouth, throat, stomach, liver and heart.
  • April – Diamond. Often thought of as the jewel of love diamonds were actually thought, by the Romans, to provide strength and bravery during a battle and would often be included in the armour of Kings and high-status warriors.
  • May – Emerald – As a green stone emerald is linked to fertility and rebirth as well as provide the wearer with wisdom, growth and patience.

  • June – Pearl represents purity and a Arabian legend states that pearls are drops of the moon that have fallen into the ocean and that a oyster has fallen in love with and decided to keep and protect.
  • July – Ruby. This stone has throughout history been seen as the stone of prophecy. It is thought to represent devotion, desire and passion from the giver to the receiver.
  • August – Peridot is thought to protect the wearer from negativity, can reduce fever and is used a s a relaxant and stress reducer.
  • September – Sapphire. This stone when given as a gift is thought to represent sincerity and faithfulness. The belief is that it can protect against envy, help relieve rheumatism and mental illness and strengthen eyesight.
  • October – Opal. In Asian societies it is viewed as the gem of hope. Australian aborigines thought that the jewel was left by ancestors as a sign of their presence. When given as a gift it represents faithfulness and confidence.
  • November – Topaz is a very scarce stone and so there are very few myths surrounding it. It is however thought to ward off evil.
  • December – Turquoise is a stone that is thought to relax the mind, relieve mental tensions and helps to calm the emotions and ease stress of the wearer. It promotes mental and spiritual clarity and expansion, along with enhancing wisdom, trust and kindness and understanding.

So what is your birthstone and do you own any jewellery containing the stone.