4 Things You Get While Using Kennel Software to Support Your Business

4 Things You Get While Using Kennel Software to Support Your Business

2021-12-28 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Dog owners want to treat their dogs with the best treatments. That’s why you have to be the best kennel that covers everything they need. It is a challenging task for kennel owners. The task is simpler when business owners use kennel software by K9 Sky. Here are reasons why kennel software by K9 Sky is perfect for kennel owners to run their business.

Connect to the Right Market  

Being a professional groomer means that you should know your market. It takes time if you have to find your market by yourself. Using this software will make the process a bit easier. The software connects kennel owners with dog owners who need the services.

It means that the software has the right market. All you have to do is use this software to introduce your company and services to become one of the professional groomers on the list. The more dog owners know your services and facilities, the more customers come to you.

It Supports You with Effective Features 

The features on the kennel software by K9 Sky are also effective enough for kennel owners who want to improve their business. For example, there is a feature known as boarding. It helps users to handle reservation and check-in and out processes more straightforward than a manual method.

The easier dog owners can book your service, the more satisfied they are. You can also use a daycare services feature. This feature helps to manage your daycare services to meet the right customers. Managing grooming services is also challenging.

That’s why the developer also supports this software with a grooming feature. Users can use this kennel software feature for managing any type of grooming service. It doesn’t matter whether you are small or large grooming kennels, you can use this software. This application is also suitable for pet resorts, mobile grooming, and other pet care businesses.

30 days Trial 

The company gives you a 30-days trial. It is a useful service for kennel owners or other pet care businesses to try all the features of this software. Indeed, you can feel the benefits and compare the condition before and after using this kennel application while running the business. You don’t need to pay anything during the trial period, yet you get the real benefits from the services.

Great Packages for All Types of Users 

The company gives three different packages, which are professional or pro edition, corporate edition, and enterprise edition. The idea of offering these packages is to ensure that this service is suitable for all users.

Each package comes with different services. The company has set the packages based on the level of the kennel business. For instance, the professional edition package comes with 3 licenses, basic support, and premium support. On the other hand, the corporate edition package comes with 10 licenses whereas users get up to 20 licenses from the enterprise edition package.

This kennel software review will help you to decide whether your company should use this kennel software or not. As a result, you can run your kennel business better than before and satisfy more customers.