3 Ways to Use Dekovase to Make Your Room Beautiful

3 Ways to Use Dekovase to Make Your Room Beautiful

2022-03-16 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Plant decoration is a well-known method to change your gloomy room into a brighter and more beautiful place to spend your time. However, decorating your room only with the plant is not enough for that kind of change or effect. You also need to pay attention to the Dekovase or decorative vase that you use. Here, we have several tips for using the vase to improve your room appearance and style.

Try Using Different Vase Fillers

The plant is a good choice for decoration. But, you might want to change the filler of the vase with something else to create a beautiful touch on your room. You can still use the plants, though. So, you get another vase for this new filler. Here are some ideas for decorative vase fillers. Make sure you use the transparent glass vase for this method.

  • Jelly beads – their bright and unique colors give you more freedom to create the color combination to display in your room.
  • Pebbles – you might think it is not beautiful. But, adding a pebbles-filed vase will give your room a similar natural touch like when you use plant decoration.
  • Grains or spices – these two have a similar effect to pebbles. However, it is a cooking ingredient, so it is a perfect choice for kitchen decoration.
  • Candles – add several candles with different heights to your decorative vase. You will get elegance and expensive-looks decoration.
  • Nuts and bolts – you can use nuts and bolts to create a rustic, industrial, or farmhouse-style decoration. It is a perfect choice for a man’s study room.

DIY Vase

This method is the easiest one you can try. In short, you get a decorative vase. Choose the one that has plain color and is not transparent. Then, use paint to draw something on it. Use your creativity and let your artistic heart play the most part in this DIY project. We believe you will be able to create something that others never imagined before. It is beautiful and personalized. This vase will be a perfect decoration for your room.

Use Unique-Shaped Decorative Vase

If you are too lazy to find the fillers for the vase or drawing, you can always spend more to find a decorative vase with a unique shape or design. Best of all, you don’t need to visit the antique shop for this one. Find the vase online store and you will find it there. Many online stores that have a collection of decorative vase, always has a special section that sells the unique vase. So, go to that section and find the one that can make your room change.


Now, you know what you need to do. Pair your plant decoration with the unique decorative vase that we explained above. Some methods may seem hard to do and require a lot of time and money. However, they will give you the best effect that you never find from other room decorations. Moreover, making a Dekovase is fun. So, no need to worry about it. Get the vase, and then start to decorate your room.