3 Most Popular Sprayground Backpacks You Can Combine with Doctor Martens Platform Shoes and Boots

3 Most Popular Sprayground Backpacks You Can Combine with Doctor Martens Platform Shoes and Boots

2021-08-29 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Mixing and matching fashion items are fun to do. For example, you can wear cool boots and shoes by Doctor Martens Platform and unique backpacks by Sprayground. Both of them have unique, durable, and out-of-the-box fashion products. Take a look at the most popular Sprayground backpacks for your reference before wearing them with other fashion items.

Sharks in Paris Checkered Sprayground Backpack

One thing that makes this backpack stunning is the big mouth of a shark. It seems that the mouth is ready to chomp anything in front of it. Sprayground produces this product unisex, so it looks cool whether for men or women. You can use it to go back to school or other casual events. Wearing this backpack with Jadon smooth leather platform boots or Sinclair women’s leather platform boots can be perfect. Sprayground uses 100% vegan leather for this Sharks in Paris backpack. It has several pockets in the front and sides. The pockets support you to bring more items and separate them. As a result, you can easily take the items from the backpack when you need them. This Sharks in Paris edition is available in several products, including luggage, clutch, and duffle.

3 AM Never Sleep Teddy Bear Backpack

Some people may have an experience like the teddy bear. It is so related, right? It can be one of the reasons why this Sprayground backpack becomes one of the most popular products. The design of this backpack is also different from ordinary bags. You are about to bring a bag that looks like a small teddy bear. Yet, this bag still has several pockets to keep a variety of items safe while traveling. The model of this product is also attractive, along with a gold necklace, a dollar symbol, and a diamond symbol. The polyester velour makes it durable. This bag is also using a water-resistant fabric, so it is safe when you have to go outside while raining. You can also mix and match this teddy bear backpack with your favorite Doctor Martens Platform boots and shoes, such as Vegan Jadon boots, 1461 Polka Dot Smooth Leather Platform shoes, and many more.

Glass House Savage Backpack

The Glass House Savage backpack is popular among fashionable women. It looks great and fresh for walking around or traveling. Like all Sprayground backpacks, they also use a durable and water-resistant vegan leather fabric. The storage on the bag is enough to bring a variety of items of any size, such as books, mobile phones, keys, coins, and many more. It has two large compartments, side pockets, and stash pockets. The gold zippers with metal hardware make this bag look elegant and luxurious. For a casual outfit, you may mix this bag with Blaire Women’s Hydro leather gladiator sandals and Jadon Max Hardware leather platform boots.

Now, you have a new and fresh outfit only by combining products by Sprayground and Doctor Martens Platform. Check out Doctor Martens Platform and Sprayground backpacks on sale online at Vittoriocitro. Create your great outfit and be confident with it.