5 Tips to Choose Cartier Eyeglasses to Get Stylish Products with Extra UV Protection

5 Tips to Choose Cartier Eyeglasses to Get Stylish Products with Extra UV Protection

2022-04-26 0 By Elsa F. Blizzard

Eyeglasses help people who want to protect their eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Without wearing an eyeglass, the UV rays may damage the surface of your eyes and trigger a variety of eye diseases. Buying eyeglasses from specific brands, such as Cartier eyeglasses are great to get more than just an eye protector. So, what things to consider when purchasing an eyeglass? 

Ensure that It Contains UV Protection 

It is one of the most important things to consider when selecting eyeglasses. You even should consider this factor first before its color, price, and model, especially if looking for eyeglasses for protection. Ensure that the eyeglasses effectively block UV rays. Choose eyeglasses with UV absorption up to 400nm label. It means that this product can 100% block UV rays.  

Ensure that the Eyeglasses can Block Enough Light 

While selecting the Cartier eyeglasses collection, ensure that the eyeglasses can block enough light. It is also an important consideration for daily usage. Good eyeglasses can block 75 to 90 percent of light. Try to wear eyeglasses in front of the mirror. Then, check whether you can still see your eyes through the lenses or not. The darker the eyeglasses, the more difficult the eyes to see through the lenses. 

Size Does Matter 

You still have to consider the size of the eyeglasses to get maximal UV protection. The bigger the size, the fewer UV rays can damage your eyes. Due to this consideration, choosing oversized eyeglasses or wraparound eyeglasses is a good option. Indeed, you still have to ensure that the eyeglasses are fit and comfortable. As a result, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want and keep comfortable even after wearing it for a few hours. 

Check the Quality of the Lenses 

Check the quality of the lenses by holding the eyeglasses at arm’s length and in a straight line. Now, look through the lenses at a distance. Slowly move the glass across the line. The eyeglasses are using high-quality lenses if everything looks so clear. Leave the eyeglasses and find others when the straight edge curves, sways, or moves. This trick is effective to check the imperfections of the eyeglass and ensure that you get the most comfortable product to wear. 

Consider the Lens Color 

Grey, green, and brown are the most common lens colors. Each lens hue affects the visual contrast. Some people need eyeglasses with higher lens hue contrast to see everything in its original colors. You should consider this eyeglass if you are an athlete. Cartier eyeglasses come with a variety of specifications to support your needs.