Choose Right Accessories to Match Your Sherwani To Become Your Bride’s Dream Groom

Choose Right Accessories to Match Your Sherwani To Become Your Bride’s Dream Groom

2018-03-06 0 By WebEditor


The big fat Indian weddings as the name suggests are grand and glittery. It is a combined result of large number of guests, the beautiful decor, sumptuous food and the attire of both the bride and the groom.

Indian brides in their vibrant red and golden lehengas look royal and vivacious. The groom is not behind and usually wears a sherwani to team up with the bride.

5 most important accessories for the groom

Sherwani for men are available in the Indian market in shades of cream, beige and gold. Though there are other variations, these colours are mostly preferred. Embellishments ranging from sequins to embroideries are crafted on the sherwanis to make them look grand.

However, wearing a sherwani without matching accessories is simply not enough on the big day. You must accessorise it with the following for a complete royal and traditional groom look:

  1. Mojari/Jutti:
  • Available in varied colours with embellishments ranging from resham work to stones.
  • Silver and golden colours are usually the most common colours men choose to match with their sherwanis.
  1. Turban:
  • Groom’s looks are incomplete without a turban.
  • In some cultures, though you wear a sehra made of flowers on your head that covers your entire face.
  • Add a kalgi/Sarpech for a more royal look.
  1. Dupatta:
  • It’s the long scarf that is usually carried by the groom on their shoulder that is then further wrapped around their waist is a must to carry accessory.
  • Usually available in a colour in contrast with your sherwani
  • Some groom prefers dupatta that matches with the colour of the bride’s lehenga to get picture perfect look.
  1. Pocket square:
  • Though a small piece of accessory, a pocket square is sure to enhance the look of your wedding attire.
  • Choose a contrasting shade, can match your dupatta to make it stand out.
  1. Necklace:
  • Known as haar across the country is not just a stylish piece of accessory, but bears traditional significance in most cultures.
  • Most men prefer single or multi layered pearl necklace to get that royal maharaja look.
  • Coloured pearls with a stone pendant are chosen by men of some cultures.

Optional accessories to accentuate a sherwani

The accessories mentioned above are inevitable part of complete groom attire. Though some men prefer more and there are added accessory options for men to enhance their looks:

  • A sparkling pearl, stone or platinum brooch will surely turn many heads your way.
  • A watch can add to your sophistication level.
  • Metal cufflinks enhances the complete grandeur of your wedding attire.

Smile is not optional, but the most important accessory that a groom must carry to match up with their style and elegance.

Teamed with right accessories, a groom is not far behind the bride to catch the eyes of every passerby. It is your special day, once in a lifetime commitment and you must not mess up with your looks and even with the pictures your grand children will admire.